I just finished creating a two player Chess game using Processing and Java where human players take turns at the computer.

To play Chess download the Chess folder from this link

Then download Processing for your operating system from this link

Open the Chess.pde file in the Chess folder you downloaded with Processing


2048 Game


I recently created a version of the popular online game 2048 using Processing and Java. The objective of the game is to combine two tiles with the same number until you get to the 2048 tile. When two tiles of the same number combine into one tile, the new tile’s number is the sum of both the original tile’s numbers. Pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard combines all the tiles in that direction. Every time an arrow key is pressed a new tile randomly spawns somewhere on the grid. The game ends when there are no tiles that can be combined and the board is full.

Here is a link to download Mac OSX and Windows versions of the game